Yes! Eating health food consistently is the hardest piece of the health puzzle and the solution isn't to do some extreme transformation of your eating habits, the solution is to make it as easy as possible to eat healthy. Simply choose the plan that works for your schedule and health goals, select your preferences and leave us to do the hard work. No more calorie counting and tracking. We will provide a delicious choice of recipes in portion sizes to suit your goals. Low on time? Sort our recipes by time and look out for our super simple 10 min meal preps.

We have an awesome MealPrepPro community, here's what some of our crew have to say...

"Thank you for working hard to deliver a great app that helps many of my clients stay on top of their healthy eating on their own. I recommend it as an option all the time!"
Shayla Nyree, Personal Trainer


"I’ve been consistently losing weight since using this meal prep guide regularly. It’s the easiest app I’ve ever used and provides everything I knew I needed, but could never master, for meal prep. This app is totally customizable to your preferences and takes all of the guesswork out. I don’t count calories or watch macros because the app does it all for me based on my current weight and goals."



"This app has been a saving grace for me! I’ve tried so many different things to get my diet on track but it’s so difficult counting calories and tracking macros AND find delicious meals to fit into your meal plan. This app does ALL of that for you! I’m able to pick every meal for a whole week and generate a whole shopping list in about ten minutes! Very personalized by figuring out your approximate BMR by entering your height weight sex gender and activity level. So extremely impressed!"
Sam Tinus