1. In MealPrepPro every recipe you'll see has been adapted to your specific calorie and macro goals. You can swap any recipe in your plan and you'll still hit your daily calorie goal.
  2. MealPrepPro offers a huge range of calorie options - from a 1,200 calorie plan, all the way to 4,500 calories.
  3. MealPrepPro offers far more customization such as adding a partner to your plan, choosing the number of meals in your plan, changing to a different diet, allergies and so on.
  4. FitMenCook offers a great range of recipes, as well as a shopping list and basic meal planner.
  5. You'll notice that some recipes from the FitMenCook app appear in MealPrepPro. However, the ingredients or quantity might look a little different. This is because we've adjusted some of your favorite FitMenCook recipes to suit the calorie and macro goals in MealPrepPro and to make them more meal prep friendly.