The MealPrepPro Apple Watch app will be coming back in the next few weeks. We had to remove it to launch MealPrepPro 3 but we are prioritising bringing it back.


Using MealPrepPro on your Apple Watch you can:

  • Mark your daily meals as eaten
  • Check your calories and macros
  • Track and add to your daily water intake
  • Check your shopping list and mark groceries as purchased

Installing MealPrepPro on Apple Watch

You can add MealPrepPro to your Apple Watch by opening the Watch app on your iPhone.

For more help, you can view Apple's guide to installing apps on your Apple Watch.


Using MealPrepPro on Apple Watch

After installing MealPrepPro on your Apple Watch, you can swipe from right to left to move between the daily meals, calories and macros, water and shopping.


Syncing with your Apple Watch

Any changes you make on your Watch and synced to your iPhone and iPad. The syncing goes both ways.


Clearing your shopping list and changing units

When you're viewing your shopping list on your Apple Watch, you can use a long-press to access additional options. Inside this menu you can:

  1. Add an additional item to your shopping list
  2. Clear your shopping list
  3. Change the units


Syncing issues

When you first add MealPrepPro to your Apple Watch, open the iPhone app to complete the initial sync.

Occasionally, there can be some syncing issues between devices. Try closing and reopening the app on your iPhone and on your Watch. You can also try marking a meal as Eaten, which can kickstart a sync.

Apple have a guide to opening and closing apps on your Apple Watch.