You should always aim to drink plenty of water. That's about 2 litres of water per day for women or 3 litres per day for men. More if you're exercising and most important if you're following the keto plan. Check out the "daily" tab in MealPrepPro and set the water tracker to match your water goal. Drinking water between meals is a great way to curb cravings - often we can mistake thirst for hunger and this leads to snacking when actually your body just needs a drink.

Soda or soft drinks are usually loaded with sugary calories which, if not used right away, the body will quickly convert and store as fat. So avoid these altogether or save them for a treat. A great alternative is to invest in a soda stream. Flavor water with fruit and then add fizz for a healthy soda fix. Fruit, mint, lemon and cucumber are our favorites.

Coffee & tea, if drinking the caffeinated kind this won't count towards your hydration goal and acts as a diuretic so it's best for your body if you keep caffeine to a minimum. Avoid sweeteners and creamers, opt for sugar-free fruit or herbal teas instead of black tea or coffee.

Alcohol best saved for a treat if you wish to have some. Similar to sugar, it's processed by the body very quickly and then stored.