Eat like my Greek gran! This plan is inspired by the way the people in the Mediterranean eat. It's a diet that includes lots of wholefood ingredients, lots of grains, nuts and veggies, lots of seafood, some olive oil, poultry and dairy and very little red meat. Due to the diversity of ingredients and the lack of rules around how much of each macronutrient is necessary, it's often considered the easiest diet to stick to. Your Mediterranean diet will be personalized to your calorie goals. It often tops the "best diet" round ups by nutritionists as it's easy to stick to, great for weight loss, reduces the risk of diabetes and improves overall health. The people who inspired this plan are in the blue zones where they live the longest and healthiest lives. Unlike the other plans, the mediterranean diet is about a little more than food, it's also about how we eat. Try to set some time aside to eat in a relaxed way, without distractions and share food with friends when you can. Add exercise into your day at every opportunity by taking the stairs and walking where possible. The Mediterranean Diet also allows for the occasional glass of wine, just make sure to keep it to the one glass - no cheeky XL pours!

✔︎ Heart healthy thanks to a high amount of omega-3 from all the seafood, nuts and olive oil.

✔︎ The high fibre content helps with healthy weight loss and metabolism.

✔︎ The Mediterranean diet has been praised for being approachable, thanks to its focus on guidelines and moderation, as opposed to strict macro goals.

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